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Scrappy: Ruh Global Impact

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In the mid- 1980’s, Debra Ruh was nurturing a successful career in the banking industry and looking forward to starting a family. But in 1987, her path took an unexpected… Listen Scrappy: Ruh Global Impact

Scrappy: Everyday Masks

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Staci Tinkelman and Becky Pyles realized early in the Covid-19 pandemic that masks were going to become a critical need – not just for front-line medical staff, but for the… Listen Scrappy: Everyday Masks

Scrappy: Federico’s Pizza

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Michael Morin and his brother Bryan were beginning to gear up for a new year at their family-owned pizza shop in New Jersey. Then, out of the blue, Covid-19 changed… Listen Scrappy: Federico’s Pizza

To Stuff or Not to Stuff: The Dangers of Irrelevant Keywords

relationship between content and SEO
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We hear it all the time: keywords are the end-all, be-all of strong SEO. Some (or dare we say most) people still think the key to a high-ranking website involves… Read More To Stuff or Not to Stuff: The Dangers of Irrelevant Keywords

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