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Would a Human Being Like Your Website?

Welcome to Simplicity

Posted by Andy Romanofsky on July 02, 2018

For years now, programmers have been putting a lot of effort into ensuring that search engines, robots and their algorithms “enjoy” crawling around on your website. But what about the… Read More

Get Your SSL Cert Before It’s Too Late

Posted by Jon Remsa on May 24, 2018

This data is your data, this data is my data From Target credit cards to Yahoo users From the Equifax breach to Facebook’s murky waters Your data was made for… Read More

Neutral on Net Neutrality?

net neutrality caution sign

Posted by Jon Remsa on January 26, 2018

With the dawning of a new year, it’s time to set our sights on new and exciting goals. I mean, 2018 should be an exciting year for technology. Autonomous cars… Read More

10 Commandments of WordPress Content Upload for Non-Programmers

10 Commandments of WordPress Content Upload

Posted by Stephanie Stocker on November 10, 2017

Over the last few years, I have gotten a lot of experience in uploading content to WordPress sites. By “content upload”, I mean using the WordPress admin to build and… Read More

Is It Time for a New Website? 3 Questions to Ask First

old computer

Posted by Amy Romanofsky Schneider on September 22, 2017

Are you looking at your website and wondering if it’s time for an upgrade? If so, you need to decide what level you’re looking at – do you need just… Read More

SSL Certificates: Why They Are More Important Now

SSL certifications: why they are important now

Posted by Andy Romanofsky on July 06, 2017

What is an SSL cert? To most casual users, an SSL certificate is nothing more than a little green padlock symbol next to the URL at the top of our… Read More

7 Simple Guidelines for Building HTML Emails

Posted by Anthony Cedrone on June 27, 2017

Thanks in part to the global efforts of the Web Standards Project that ran until 2013 and other similar initiatives, modern web browsers are much more consistent than they were… Read More

Battle of the WordPress Themes: Custom vs. Prebuilt

Posted by Jon Remsa on May 23, 2017

Looking to build a WordPress site? Should you run with a prebuilt theme or should you dance with a custom theme? Well, it depends. Most sites we develop for clients… Read More

6 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Posted by Ishan Karunaratne on April 19, 2017

WordPress is an amazingly powerful yet easy-to-use platform for building everything from a simple blog to a complex ecommerce website. However, WordPress does not come “out-of-the-box” with every possible tool… Read More

5 Ways to Make Your WordPress Site More Secure

Posted by Andy Romanofsky on March 02, 2017

Imagine this: you open a new store, and are very proud of it (congratulations!) One day, you notice a mouse in the corner. He must have come in through a… Read More

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