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Social Media Tips for B2B Companies

Graphic showing a laptop, calculator, cell phone, notes, pen and pencil and other office supplies.

Posted by Gabriella Fundaro on July 17, 2018

For B2B companies, marketing through social media can seem daunting, and sometimes you probably wonder whether it’s even worth investing in at all. But social media isn’t just for high… Read More

What B2B Companies Can Learn About Customer Experience

Service representative smiling and talking on the phone

Posted by Gabriella Fundaro on April 13, 2018

In our earlier post, we discussed the important role that marketing plays in the customer experience, through things like touchpoints, branding and customer journey mapping. And while more and more… Read More

The Role of Marketing in the Customer Experience

Team sharing project updates with a client

Posted by Stephanie Stocker on March 16, 2018

Delivering an enjoyable customer experience is crucial to any business’ success and growth. But developing those relationships does not just fall on the shoulders of your sales team and customer… Read More

Our Favorite Super Bowl LII Ads

Table spread of Super Bowl party items including salsa and nachos, drinks with referee-outfitted koozies, sliders and pom-poms.

Posted by Gabriella Fundaro on February 06, 2018

The Super Bowl is one of sport’s biggest stages, and there’s always plenty to marvel at when the big game is on: seamless passes, hard-hitting tackles, the always-anticipated halftime show…and… Read More

Beginner’s Tips Every Young Marketer Should Know

Posted by Gabriella Fundaro on December 07, 2017

If you’re like me and just starting out in your marketing career, you’ve probably started to catch on to some recurring themes: there is something new to learn every day…. Read More

10 Commandments of WordPress Content Upload for Non-Programmers

10 Commandments of WordPress Content Upload

Posted by Stephanie Stocker on November 10, 2017

Over the last few years, I have gotten a lot of experience in uploading content to WordPress sites. By “content upload”, I mean using the WordPress admin to build and… Read More

3 Things I Took Away from INBOUND 2017

audience listening to speaker

Posted by Stephanie Stocker on October 04, 2017

Last week, along with more than 20,000 other marketers, I attended the annual HubSpot INBOUND conference in Boston. Each year, the event draws a wide range of professionals, both corporate/in-house… Read More

Is It Time for a New Website? 3 Questions to Ask First

old computer

Posted by Amy Romanofsky Schneider on September 22, 2017

Are you looking at your website and wondering if it’s time for an upgrade? If so, you need to decide what level you’re looking at – do you need just… Read More

Gated Content: What It Is and When to Use It (Or Not)

gated content

Posted by Stephanie Stocker on September 13, 2017

Recently, someone posed a question I hadn’t expected. I was asked how I define “gated content”. I’m sure that not everyone is familiar with “gate” as a marketing term, but… Read More

Yes, I Think You Should Fail at Marketing, and Here’s Why

yes, i think you should fail at marketing, and here's why

Posted by Stephanie Stocker on July 19, 2017

This post is about – dare I even say the word – failure. Yes, and not just that, but failure at work, in marketing. Fairly public, definitely measurable, failure. Take… Read More

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