Hubspot Pipeline boot camp? Hmmm, tell me more about that…

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Posted by Chris Straigis on May 21, 2019

It’s the final week of my 8-week boot camp led by the tireless Dan Tyre, Sales Director at HubSpot. As a HubSpot partner, we were offered this coveted opportunity to receive a world-class brain dump from a true Jedi Master of smarketing. And I have to tell you, Dan is worth his weight in gold.

Sales has changed. The approach, the methods, the focus. Today, sales truly is about the buyer, and when the sales person focuses his or her attention and motivation with that in mind, they will surely succeed.

My 5 big takeaways from the boot camp:

1. It’s not me, it’s you.

To find true, long-term success, you should honestly be focused on how to make your customer’s life, or business, better. It’s all about them. No one wants to be “sold to”, and you, as the salesperson, no longer hold all the cards. When you are truly in it for them, they get it, they trust you, and they tell their friends about you. Delight your customers and they will continue around the Flywheel.

2. Listen, really, listen

It’s almost lunch time and I’m hungry… my car payment is due tomorrow… am I wearing two different socks… what’s that smell…

You have a lot on your mind, all of the time. But in order to provide the best possible service to prospects and customers, you must get out of your head and actively listen to them. Ask questions, recap what they’ve told you to make sure you have it right. Really listening will reinforce that you really are in it for them.

3. We’re in the GROWTH business.

We do what we do to help our clients grow, period. All of the strategy, the marketing, the content, the sales – it’s all about our customer’s success and growth. And their success is our success.

4. You’ll be fine if you just align.

Sales and marketing are like two sides of the same coin, like peas in a pod, like ebony and ivory (now that song is going to get stuck in your head…). These processes should be aligned for you, and for your customers. In order for the whole big picture to work the way you want it to, simpatico between sales and marketing is key. And my last big takeaway from bootcamp is…

5. ABC? No. ABH!

The days of “Always Be Closing” are gone. Customers don’t want to be closed, even less than they don’t want to be sold too. They want help with something – solving a problem, filling a need, fixing a hole (now that song can replace the other one, you’re welcome – bonus points if you realized it was the same singer). Closing is about you, helping is about them – see item #1.

This past 8 weeks has given me a fresh way to look at how we do our business, and I know it will produce positive results – not only for me and AAC, but ultimately for our customers. Thanks to Dan and HubSpot for the great opportunity!

Chris Straigis, Senior Manager, Video Services at AAC

Chris Straigis
Senior Manager, Video Services