Three Project Management Tools We Love

Posted by Stephanie Stocker on March 23, 2017

Being on the same page as your team and communicating in a streamlined and efficient manner is essential at All Around Creative. With clients in a variety of industries, each with very different needs, it’s important to check in on projects from a high level, but also be able to drill down to the specifics. We need project management tools to help us stay on track – and we have three specific tools that we love.

Since we may have out-of-office meetings or may not always be at our desks, the fact that each of these tools have incredible mobile integration is a huge benefit. But, there are so many reasons that we love the following project management tools:

Basecamp 3

Imagine having a view from 10,000 feet above all the traffic: you can clearly see which streets have a bit of a delay or backup and which streets are smooth sailing, and you can plan accordingly. That’s what Basecamp does for our project management. The beauty is its adaptability for any team of any shape or size. There are tools that allow you to assign tasks, schedule follow ups, integrate with your clients for collaboration, etc. We love that it gives you a bird’s eye-view while always allowing you to drill-down to even the smallest detail.

Communicating within Basecamp is seamless. “Campfires” are a quick and easy way to communicate with your entire team on the spot. “To Dos” offer a streamlined replacement for lengthy email chains. There are even areas for you to communicate with clients. Imagine it’s like you’re in front of the big curtain at Oz: the clients don’t see the magic happening behind the scenes, but are still very much a part of the process.

Basecamp saves my sanity on a daily basis, especially when I need to search for something or find out what a team member is working on. And automatic reminders help me keep track of it all!

G Suite

Google’s G Suite by Google Cloud is one of our favorite collaboration tools. The file sharing alone with Google Drive is a lifesaver. The ability to collaborate with team members and clients helps to move projects along in a timely fashion without having anything lost in translation.

Internally, we utilize Google Calendars to manage our own outbound marketing campaigns and vacation schedules. For organization purposes, the ability to color code is invaluable. Another feature that we love is that you can rearrange meetings and appointments by just dragging and dropping them.

We use Google Hangouts for quick meetings amongst team members. The mobile integration on all of the G Suite Apps is incredible, but with Hangouts, we love that we can connect from just about anywhere in the world!


Tracking time is a necessary chore in managing a business, whether it’s staying within a client’s budget, tracking payroll, etc. The integration of TSheets and Quickbooks saves so much time and effort for our billing department. We love that it’s easy to use and that it sends automatic reminders, making sure our time is in when it needs to be.

From a project management standpoint, the instant reports and breakdown of projects is integral to staying on target. Not only can you breakdown the time spent on each project by department, but you can also see a breakdown of an employee’s time for the day or week.

Just like Basecamp and G Suite, TSheets gives you an incredible overview, but also the ability to drill down to the finest detail, and that’s what makes this a must-use tool!

Use What Works For Your Team

While Basecamp, G Suite, and TSheets are three of our faves, what matters most is that you find a program that works for you and your team. We do have some suggestions on features and functionality that should be considered when choosing the right tools for your needs – find them in the infographic below!

AAC Project Management Tools We Love
Stephanie Stocker, Director, Marketing Communications at AAC

Stephanie Stocker
Director, Marketing Communications