Keen Decision Systems

Foundational Brand Refresh

Brand Development & Design

This client wanted to push the boundaries of their brand with a refresh that felt exciting and new, yet maintained some key elements, such as their existing logo.

keen main image

keen color palette


A Modern Facelift

First, we reworked the basics: color palette, icon styles and fonts. Their engineers needed a broader palette to support complex charts and show lots of data at a glance in a clear, quickly digestible way. A wider range of colors gave that flexibility while still feeling cohesive as a brand.

keen icons blue

keen icons yellow

keen icons red

keen pie chart

keen bar chart

keen line chart

Capturing the Moment

We looked for emotional, people-focused photography to communicate the “eureka” moment that this client’s customers felt when using their products.

keen laptop

keen flyer

A Complete Brand Execution

After the brand basics were set, we translated all of this into a set of clean, easy-to-read design templates that their marketing team could use for collateral, presentations, email and more. We also worked the new brand into refreshed trade show graphics and web page designs.

keen tablet

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