Virtual Event Video Production

Video Production & Video Editing

This client had a high volume of videos that needed to be produced, recorded, and edited in a short amount of time for their annual conference. These videos included sessions with both internal experts and executives, as well as speakers from partner and customer companies.

Roundtable discussion

Sheer Volume

There were two parts to this considerable undertaking — first, editing 50 thirty-minute, client-supplied videos, and second, producing and recording an additional 50-plus thirty-minute videos on top of editing them. All 100-plus videos needed to be recorded and edited over a five-week timeframe in advance of the event.

We used Riverside software for the recordings in order to manage video and audio quality the best we could on the fly – many interviews didn’t have time for prep sessions, as there was an extremely tight timeline overall and many subjects were busy executives. We recorded each presenter as well as their demo or presentation as separate streams in the back end.

We then edited each session by performing color and sound correction, cutting out any stumbles, and creating a smooth flow between shots of the speaker(s) and their demo or presentation. In the end, we edited a two-day, multi-track conference’s worth of polished and professional session videos.

Connect session on laptop

5 Weeks

Total project timeline for producing, recording, and editing videos

102 Videos

Total videos produced and edited over the 5-week timeline

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