Scrappy Episode 9: Feed the Barrel

Hani White’s mother and grandmother made sure that cooking was a family event as she grew up near Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. For them, cooking was a shared experience that strengthened family and community bonds. And in her part of the country, a great deal of that cooking involved readily available vegetable oils. Disposing that used oil was as simple as throwing it into a local trash pit. After immigrating to the US, Hani continued those same cooking traditions – but trying to dump her used cooking oils was much more complicated in the middle of a bustling city. With help from her neighbors, Hani has found a better way to repurpose the oils, helping the environment and bringing her community together in the process.


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Scrappy Episode 9: Feed the Barrel

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In our inaugural season, Chris Straigis talks to an innovator attacking food deserts with urban farming, a visionary addressing recidivism with jobs for former inmates, a leader delivering solar and irrigation solutions to rural Nepal, a pioneer converting trash into currency for developing nations, and many others. Subscribe to follow along with our journey.