Scrappy Episode 3: Tailgates Tackle Hunger

One fall day at a college football game, Therese Williams’ son realized something so obvious, and so shocking, that their family was spurred to action. As often happens, they had some food left over from their pre-game tailgating party – and so did many of the other tailgaters at the game. Most of this food was prepared on site, and it would end up getting trashed before the game even started. They realized that if you added up all the food left over from all the tailgaters at all the games, the waste would be astronomical. For a problem this big, Therese and colleague Kerri Marin have identified a two-part solution: addressing food insecurity in their community by repurposing the leftovers, and educating tailgaters to prevent food waste in the first place.


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Scrappy Episode 3 - Tailgates Tackle Hunger

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