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hat goes into a retainer?

Understanding Retainers

Typically, your program will be designed around a six-month or one-year retainer. The retainer will set out all of the work that we’ll be doing together, and splits the total cost evenly across the length of the program. This means that your invoice is the same amount, month after month – no surprises, so you can project your expenses and plan ahead easily.

What goes into a retainer?

  • A predefined time period, usually 6 or 12 months
  • A statement of work (SOW) that outlines all deliverables, and is the executable contract
  • A production schedule of when deliverables and activities will be completed – a working, living document that will evolve over the course of our work together
  • Regular performance analysis and ongoing optimization of your plan based on results
  • Ad hoc budget (optional) – this is a portion of your total cost that’s set aside to cover work that can’t be planned yet; it is generally a small percentage of your total
  • An account manager who is responsible for your program’s success; any project or program management time is rolled into your retainer total

Engagements outside of retainers

Retainers are often the simplest approach, as they make it easy for you to predict your expenses over time. However, we do offer project pricing for situations where that is more appropriate: for example, if you just need a new website or a single brochure. In those cases, we will develop a project SOW that outlines the specific deliverable(s) in that project.

Example projects:

  • Digital marketing audit: $4,800
  • Foundational messaging development: $3,000
  • Persona development: $1,000 (per persona)
  • White paper creation (writing & design): $5000
  • Custom website build: $10,000+

*Prices are for example only; exact pricing is determined by the requirements of your project and may vary.

Engagements outside of retainers

Which billing model is right for me?

I’m glad you asked! Our programs are designed uniquely for each company, based on specific needs and requirements.

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