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Designers, Developers, Marketers, and More

Shawn Fricke - President and Founder

Shawn Fricke

President and Founder

Shawn created AAC with a vision: a creative services agency that acted less like a traditional agency and more like an in-house department for clients. Under Shawn's direction, and thanks t… Read More

Amy Romanofsky Schneider - Vice President, Creative Services

Amy Romanofsky Schneider

Vice President

Amy oversees all departments - design, programming, marketing and video - who together help us deliver whatever our clients need. Throughout the creative process, Amy is keenly focused on t… Read More

Anthony Cedrone - Director, Interactive Services

Anthony Cedrone

Director of Web Development and Creative Services

Anthony manages our programming and design groups, consisting of back and front-end developers, web and print designers, and project management. He leads the design, development, testing an… Read More

Monica Hedden - Digital Marketing Manager

Monica Gillon

Director of Marketing

Monica works with clients to implement digital marketing strategies in order to grow and optimize marketing and sales efforts. Her experience with launching multi-channel campaigns, from m… Read More

Jon Remsa, Programmer - Project Manager

Jon Remsa

Web Development Manager

Jon is a talented front-end web developer and our go-to resource for project planning, evaluating new technology, or any technical troubleshooting. When not debugging complex websites or bu… Read More

Von Kaukeano

Von Kaukeano

Full Stack WordPress Developer

Von is a full stack web developer who specializes in WordPress functionality. He is able to troubleshoot an issue from server side to front end. When he is not debugging issues, he is rese… Read More

Andy Romanofsky - Programmer/Developer

Andy Romanofsky

Web Maintenance Support Specialist

Andy is a WordPress developer who specializes in server configurations. He also focuses on QA for site maintenance plans and manages overall site performance post-launch, making sure everyt… Read More

Chris Straigis - Senior Manager, Video Services

Chris Straigis

Senior Manager, Video Services

Chris manages our video production projects, using his creative vision to bring storyboards and scripts to life. He directs our crews on-site and in-studio. In addition to video, Chris… Read More

Adrian Serna

Adrian Serna

Marketing Content Manager

Adrian is a self-proclaimed nerd. He enjoys all of the creative process - ideation and brainstorming, researching and interviewing, writing, and even editing and proofreading. He loves bri… Read More

Kevin Delorenzo

Kevin DeLorenzo

Content Operations Specialist

Kevin specializes in all forms of content operations, focusing primarily on supporting clients content campaigns as well as the agency’s. He writes short-form content such as emails, blo… Read More

Tyler Pacheco

Tyler Pacheco

Marketing Operations Assistant

Tyler assists in the execution of marketing programs, specializing in content upload, social management and performance reporting. He's also involved in the development of marketing strate… Read More

Val Chavenson

Val Chavenson

Account Manager

Val serves as the lead liaison between clients and cross-functional internal teams. She is focused on ensuring that all initiatives are on target and delivering successful solutions accord… Read More

Ariella Saucier - Project Manager

Ariella Saucier

Project Manager

Ariella is an important part of all client and internal projects. She keeps everyone and everything on track and moving smoothly, managing client communications and projects as well as the … Read More

Barbara Smith - Production Designer

Barbara Smith

Production Artist

Barb manages page layout and graphic design production work. She has a strong eye for detail and consistency as well as a natural sense of visual balance, making her work both aesthetically… Read More

Chrissy Bagosy - Office Manager

Chrissy Bagosy

Office Manager

If you stop by our offices, Chrissy is the one who’ll greet you! She also takes care of many of AAC’s HR and finance functions, such as employee benefit management, invoice distribution… Read More