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Now That You Have Leads, Qualify Them Properly

Other agencies may generate a huge pipeline of leads – and that’s great, but it means nothing if you don’t have a clear process for lead qualification and sales follow up. Do you have a plan to capture, organize and monitor your leads over time? Do you have a way to identify which ones are progressing through your funnel and flag them for sales outreach at the right time, so you aren’t cold calling?

Be honest – do you even know how to tell when a lead is ready for sales outreach?

We can help. We understand the typical B2B sales cycle: long and complex, with multiple stakeholders and decision makers. We help you build a clearly defined lead funnel, and a process for nurturing leads through it using marketing content.

A Typical Sales Enablement Program Includes:

  • Collaboration with sales leadership to understand the current process and identify gaps
  • Definitions of lead funnel stages that map to marketing content
  • Automation of the processes for lead scoring and sales notification
  • Implementation of (or optimization of) a CRM and marketing automation platform
  • ABM (account-based marketing) strategies
  • Creation of sales tools: call scripts, talking points, email templates

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