A Podcast About Small Companies Doing BIG THINGS

The Scrappy Podcast

Each week, host Chris Straigis talks with a visionary who is making big strides to reshape the landscape of their community, their industry or even the world. It’s about business owners, community leaders and movers-and-shakers realizing their dreams, in spite of limited resources and significant barriers – with a little creativity and a whole lot of grit. You’ll hear about where they got their “big idea”, how they keep pushing in the face of adversity, and even how they’ve failed along the way.

Learn from the inspirational stories of these unsung heroes: how they solve problems, recover from failure, and find success against all odds.


Scrappy: ShelterBox

Four words written on a piece of paper: “shelter, warm, comfort, dignity.” This is where ShelterBox began. Tom Henderson, the original founder of ShelterBox, turned with his idea to his... Listen Scrappy: ShelterBox